Advertising A Bakery

Very few bakers think it worth while to advertise.

In fact, most bakers never give advertising a thought, save to wonder at it with the peculiar outside view of those who know nothing whatever about the subject. Which view is generally expressed in the stupid query: ” How in the world does Smith get back the money he spends in advertising?”

The self-same Smith may annually spend a small fortune in advertising, but he makes this outlay return a handsome dividend. Advertising pays Smith because advertising makes known the merits of his offerings. As an inevitable, logical result more people know about (and naturally patronize) Smith and his bake shop than are acquainted even with the fact that his rival, and non-advertiser, Brown, is in business.

Generally the progressive advertiser is a progressive business man. Because he is the latter, he is the former. His establishment, foods and business methods are superior to his rivals’. With good advertising, good business methods and a good establishment in his favor, the progressive man has every favoring wind of business in his sails.

People must eat!

The baker must be patronized.

The glove man, the shoe man, and even the clothing man may be passed by, but the baker—never! He is a constant necessity. The baker is as important an institution in a community as a supply of drinking water.

In a community are nearly always several bakers. If their products, business methods and establishments are on a par, the only way for one to take the most prominent place is by advertising.

How should he advertise?

Doubtless he can use his local paper to advantage. If so, he can tell his fellow-townsmen (and their wives) in several kinds of ways about the light, flaky, crusty pies he makes; the delicious, wholesome bread he bakes; the crisp, palatable biscuits he turns out, and the hygienic conditions, as well as the up-to-date machinery and methods employed in producing these various foods. He can speak of prices as well as any other advertiser, for does not every household consider the financial end of any sort of an investment?

I know a baker in New York City, who has “a bargain day “—which day happens to be Saturday, and I further know that this “bargain day” is a pronounced success. Women come scores of blocks to his Saturday sales and secure their Sunday supplies of bread, pies, cakes, biscuits, rolls, etc.

Some of the conditions under which a bakery is run are abhorent. Right here in highly civilized New York City are bakeries—the sight of which would effectually kill the appetite of a pile-driver. The up-to-now baker could talk—with interest to his patrons and advantage to his business—of the cleanliness of his workers, machinery, workrooms, store, delivery, and every phase of handling his breads and other foodstuffs.

Circular advertising, novelty advertising and card advertising can be used from time to time to supplement his local newspaper advertising, which is the best, for it gets before most of the people to whom he wishes to sell.