Advertising To Women

Women do all their own shopping. Women buy all the children’s needs. Women buy practically everything needed for the home. Women have and exercise an influential supervision over every branch of buying for the person and home. Woman is the dominating factor for the average advertiser to consider, for without her he would not be advertising.

There is this difference between advertising to men and advertising to women. Men are reached by a strong swift style —a style the reflex of their business life—a style that does not lose itself in amaze of details and wanderings into fashionable features–a style sententious, business-like, pleasant and at times a trifle humorous. Women, on the other hand, are reached with an easier and more detailed style-a style which never loses sight of the value end of the article advertised while showing no hesitancy in going into deep details about material, brand, manufacture, color, shade and every little point about the article advertised.

Women are exact in small matters, while men are prone to gloss them over, yet keeping a weather eye on important propositions.

If a woman wants—say a wrapper—and looks up advertising on such an article of daily household wear, she appreciates, after price, a very complete description of the garment.

If there is any feature greater than price from the feminine viewpoint it is style. Her garments must have style. Her home needs must have style. The wearables of every member of her household must have style in order to be satisfactory in her estimation. No advertiser can afford to overlook the feature of style.

The erratic productions of Fashion are only equalled by their number. Constantly they are pouring out upon a dazzled world, and at least twice a year a new flood of styles sweeps into a store to relegate old ” creations,” etc., to the misty realms of forgetfulness.

Then let the advertiser follow closely the devious pathway of the will-o’-the-wisp Fashion—whose imperious mandates are blindly followed by every woman of every age, color and nationality, and yet who only exists in the mental regions of the leading designers of London, Paris, New York, and other great commercial centres. Let him convey this fact fully to the mind of every woman who reads his publicity.

And do not be afraid to talk about service—how the materials are right, the fit perfection, how every stitch and seam were scanned, how all the little trifles that go to make perfection were criticised on the basis that while ” trifles make perfection, perfection is no trifle.”

And always—always tell her the pure, undiluted truth.