Autumn Advertising

The very crispness of autumn atmosphere should send a crispness through autumn advertising-the gorgeous colorings of autumn foliage should suggest some gorgeous word pictures in honor of the many hued autumn arrivals in dress stuffs, garments, and every sort of cool weather merchandise.

For they are worth it!

All through the summer season—on warm days, dog days, murky days, and days that were neither-was the bargain story told and retold in every type known to the compositor, and with every argument that the ingenious advertising pen could write until the purchasing public, advertiser, and even the poor compositor were so-oh, so weary i

But now all is changed. New merchandise, whose very appearance is fruitful of ideas, is daily opened before the advertiser, and it is an easy matter to swing freshness, novelty and information in every paragraph of publicity.

Why, the autumn capes, jackets and outer garments for women alone are worth column-of-advertising talk!

Ask the suit and cloak buyer if this is not so.

And the dress goods—see the many weaves, combinations and colorings foreign to the town until this lot came in sight! Why, every woman would be delighted to hear about them, and he must indeed be a foolish advertiser who will not do full justice to them.

” But one thing at a time and that thing well,” that is the motto of the average advertiser about this period, and he proceeds to carry out this excellent rule by first having ” An Advance Exhibit of Silks and Dress Goods,” then ” An Autumn Showing of Ladies’, Misses’ and Children’s Garments,” then ” Our Grand Millinery Exhibit—Pall and Winter,” and when these and other interesting occasions are each given proper advertising justice, it is well to combine all the departments into a mighty Sunday ad which not only again portrays their autumn freshness, but also which with good items and prices demonstrates the bargain-giving power of the establishment.

After this comes the holiday season. The usual array of strong specials besides showing pleasing prices, also indicate the plentitude of new styles, bright ideas and modern methods of the mercantile establishment behind the advertising.

A well-planned, well carried-out fall advertising campaign should be considered several weeks in advance of actual commencement.

Consider how you can knock sky-high last fall’s records for over-the-counter sales. Give some thought as to how you can improve your language, display and general advertising effectiveness. Think up some clever window displays, and do not forget interior store arrangements.

Everything counts up !

Try and infuse a strong stream of that necessary electric juice called esprit de corps into your clerks.

Make every helper feel he is something more than a cog in your great wheel of business—that he is a living, actual necessity in his particular line of duty.

And in giving attention to over-the-counter selling, do not forget that there are people scores, hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your store-who may be induced to trade with you through a well-ordered, well-equipped mail order department.

Circulars, booklets and catalogues, rightly written, illustrated and printed, are the trade feathers for a mail order department. Occasional references about the worth of your mail order department in your regular ads are also valuable.

Study the ads of the principal dealers in your line. No man has a corner on good advertising. Your competitors are as likely to evolve them as you, and by keeping in touch with their advertising efforts you can gain many points likely to be of decided benefit.