Advertising A Patent Medicine

When a man is sick, or thinks he is sick, he is seized with an intense desire to have somebody—sometimes everybody—sympathize with him. If he has the grip, he wants his nearest friend to tell him all the unpleasant symptoms of that unpleasant malady-how the body is languid, the brain fevered, the appetite on a […]

Hardware Advertising

These cool days and chilly nights impress upon the house-wife’s mind the virtues of good stoves, ranges, furnaces and radiators, as well as the right sort of ironware, agateware, tin-ware and other wares that wear in such a manner as to be a lasting advertisement for the hardware merchant who supplied them. In advertising hardware […]

Retail Advertising

New Year Resolutions. The holiday rush was over. John Smith, the leading merchant of Smithtown, now had time to think. And his thoughts—like the ruminations of all good merchants at New Year’s—wandered in the direction of what he had accomplished in the last year of the nineteenth century, and what he ought to accomplish during […]

Jewelry And Optical Advertising

Jewelry is a luxury —not a necessity. The advertiser should never lose sight of this fact. It takes more brains-more skillful salesmanship—more clever and ingenious advertising to sell luxuries than necessities. Honesty, straightforwardness, simple common sense-such qualities never lose their advertising vitality and should be remembered with every ad penned to push a jewelry business. […]

Advertising A Drug Store

For the sake of an opening paragraph drug stores may be divided into two classes, viz.: Those who cut rates on prescriptions and patent medicines. Those who charge regular prices for prescriptions and patent medicines. Either class can well afford to advertise. The former class certainly should advertise, for by their cutting prices they place […]

Advertising A Grocery

The advertising manager of a grocery store or department is constantly confronted with the necessity of Emphasizing the purity of his food products. Dwelling union the lowness of his prices. Advertising the liberality of his assortments. Telling that his stocks are always fresh and up-to-date. Occasionally he should dwell upon the inviting appearance of the […]

Advertising Pianos, Music And Musical Instruments

To simply quote prices with slight details of the articles advertised, is far from enough. Competition is so keen, appreciation of music so high and advertising so good that pianos advertised today must be detailed in their fullest—with every appreciation of their merits. The tone and character of the instrument must be dwelt upon. The […]

Advertising A Tailoring Business

Merchant tailoring represents a line of effort susceptible of very effective advertising. Cogent reasons that will sink deep into men’s minds can be used. The principal reason that men buy ready-made clothing lies in the price. A man may think that he saves ten or twenty dollars by buying a ready-made suit instead of a […]

Advertising A Dressmaking Establishment

They may do excellent work, yet if her abilities are not known she stands an excellent chance of going into bankruptcy. Although but few of her kind consider advertising, yet it is a most important point. If she would give half the hard thoughts to advertising that she does to “band and gusset and seam,” […]

Advertising A Stationery And Newspaper Store

This may be a small business, but do not forget that no matter how inconspicuous may be the business it can be expanded under the genial influence of advertising. The manner in which the business itself is conducted is a capital advertisement. The wider this manner is known the greater increase will this business experience. […]