Advertising A Patent Medicine

When a man is sick, or thinks he is sick, he is seized with an intense desire to have somebody—sometimes everybody—sympathize with him. If he has the grip, he wants his nearest friend to tell him all the unpleasant symptoms of that unpleasant malady-how the body is languid, the brain fevered, the appetite on a […]

Advertising Infants And Children’s Wearables

In advertising these garments appeal to the taste and thrift of the mother, as well as the wishes of her family. Such talks as the following are good ” Your little girl is a woman in miniature, with the eye for colors, styles, effects and qualities as you have. Nothing pleases her more than the […]

Advertising Furs And Fur Garments

Profits on the sale of furs and fur garments are excellent, but they must be made in the proper seasons. A cold snap will set the sale of furs bounding upwards, and a warm or wet season will truly throw a wet blanket over the season’s business. He who advertises these goods must constantly keep […]

Advertising Pictures, Wall Paper And Interior Decorations

“Beautify your home at small cost “—there in a nut-shell is the central argument for the advertiser of these goods to amplify upon. To reach the rich, it is not so necessary to harp upon the “small cost” feature, but in order to impress the great number of people, termed ” the masses,” it is […]

Shoe Advertising

The spring and summer styles of footwear are now in every shoe store from ocean to ocean, and thousands of retailers are giving huge chunks of thought as to how the shoe advertising can best be done. Of course, there are varieties of ways, as there are in all lines of business. Some shoe dealers […]

Advertising Fish And Meat Markets

The butcher or fish dealer who carries plentiful varieties in his line, who gives prompt deliveries, who has a clean, brisk, business-like and wholesome atmosphere about his market should advertise these facts. In this day and age it is foolish for him to “hide his light under a bushel “—to have no advertising beyond his […]

Hardware Advertising

These cool days and chilly nights impress upon the house-wife’s mind the virtues of good stoves, ranges, furnaces and radiators, as well as the right sort of ironware, agateware, tin-ware and other wares that wear in such a manner as to be a lasting advertisement for the hardware merchant who supplied them. In advertising hardware […]

Retail Advertising

New Year Resolutions. The holiday rush was over. John Smith, the leading merchant of Smithtown, now had time to think. And his thoughts—like the ruminations of all good merchants at New Year’s—wandered in the direction of what he had accomplished in the last year of the nineteenth century, and what he ought to accomplish during […]

Jewelry And Optical Advertising

Jewelry is a luxury —not a necessity. The advertiser should never lose sight of this fact. It takes more brains-more skillful salesmanship—more clever and ingenious advertising to sell luxuries than necessities. Honesty, straightforwardness, simple common sense-such qualities never lose their advertising vitality and should be remembered with every ad penned to push a jewelry business. […]

Advertising A Drug Store

For the sake of an opening paragraph drug stores may be divided into two classes, viz.: Those who cut rates on prescriptions and patent medicines. Those who charge regular prices for prescriptions and patent medicines. Either class can well afford to advertise. The former class certainly should advertise, for by their cutting prices they place […]