Advertising A Publication

Daily there travels to this desk various letters, circulars, cards, etc., purporting to advertise various publications. Some of these bits of mail contain a great number of words-some very few words—but in brief the essential information that most of them give is: ” Our circulation is constantly increasing, therefore ours is a good advertising medium.” […]

Booklet Advertising

Within the past few years booklet advertising has become wonderfully popular. Every line of business now appreciates the benefits to be derived from booklets, and although many booklet efforts sadly miss the mark of excellence, yet some are beautiful specimens of literary, artistic and typographical skill. As I said before, every branch of business can […]

Successful Mail Order Advertising

Just at present most retailers are planning how to capture the mail order business within easy reach, and a few more ambitious than the rest are qonsidering the feasibility of covering a good slice of the country with their mail order literature. The mail order territory of this continent may be divided into three parts, […]

Advertising Cigars, Pipes, And Smokers Articles

There are thousands of cigar stores throughout the country that can increase business very materially by the proper application of the great modern trade developer—advertising. The margin of profit on these goods is not so very large nowadays, and the average dealer considers money spent in advertising as so much clipped from the already small […]

Advertising Books

Once upon a time the advertising man of a moderate-sized retail store thus gave the three essentials that the man who would advertise books should possess: ” 1. A knowledge of books. He must understand the variations of the public’s fancy. He must know at least one thing about every book that appears in his […]

Advertising Educational Features By Mail

Nowadays, through the mails, you can learn law, journalism, illustrating, engineering, ad writing, editing and about everything taught in schools. It is not necessary to travel many miles to a city, and in addition to the tuition cash pay the expenses of living there in order to learn a trade, profession or language. You simply […]

Specific Talks On Mail Order Advertising

BEST ADVERTISING. MEDIUMS. (Author’s note. The following twelve talks by Mr. MacDonald ran as a series in Printer’s Ink, and are here republished through the courtesy of “The Little Schaal Master.”) The standard mediums with the largest circulations are the cheapest, although their prices may seem steep. Prove its logic with the rules of simple […]

Advertising Assistance From Papers

Papers should give all the assistance possible to advertisers in the construction of their advertisements and in making profitable their advertising. This idea is slowly, but surely, taking root. Many dailies, weeklies and monthlies have well organized departments which are ready to furnish ideas, ads, illustrations and set ups to advertisers. One of the most […]

Advertising In Publications

Daily Papers.-For retailers the best advertising is in daily papers. The returns are prompt. They can be easily traced. Within twenty-four hours from the time a merchant inserts his advertisement in his local paper he can tell whether or not it paid. If he has a good store system and watches his advertising closely he […]

Classified Advertising

When you see the classified advertising columns of the metropolitan daily and Sunday papers, you see the zenith of that popular form of advertising. Of course we all appreciate the uses of classified columns, and it is not the purpose of this article to tell the reader that when he has a house for sale […]