How To Present Your Commercial Radio Announcements

IT is with considerable misgiving that the writer of this chapter undertakes to discuss the purpose, structure, and wording of the “commercial” announcements that are the beginning and the end—and in many advertisers’ eyes the entire meat—of the radio program. For the commercial announcement is abused by everybody—by the advertiser who sponsors it, by the […]

Radio Production

TWO executives were arguing about their company’s radio program. “There’s something radically wrong with it,” said one. “There can’t be,” objected the other. “We have a great orchestra. We have famous guest artists. And every one likes our announcer.” “All the same,” said the first executive, “the program doesn’t sound like anything.” Probably the trouble […]

Checking Radio Advertising Results

We  suggest a number of ways to check the results of radio programs. I put them forth, however, as rough and ready, not mathematically accurate guides. Nor do I wish to imply that these methods can be substituted for creative radio ability and sound advertising and broadcasting judgment. It is pretty well understood, I suppose, […]

Selecting The Radio Station List

NO infallible formula for the selection of radio cover-age has yet been devised. The purchaser of time to-day is guided by miscellaneous evidence, little of which is entirely adequate. Personal opinion, the results of too few national surveys, popularity contests, previous experience, and plain faith are among the indices used at present. The vast maze […]

Publicity And Advertising In Relation To Broadcasting

A CERTAIN client whom I know is tremendously proud of his radio program. He may well be. He is spending millions to make it a good one. He employs the best available talent. He uses the largest and best of the chain networks. Each year his bill for both talent and stations would make a […]

Relation Between Radio Stations And Ad Agencies

CURIOUSLY enough, the relations between advertising agencies and individual broadcasting stations have been rather slow to develop. There is, perhaps, an excellent reason for this. The agency’s advent into radio advertising came through the networks, and it was not until the coming of spot broadcasting that the necessity for relations with individual stations began to […]

Electrical Transcriptions

EVERYBODY in the advertising world knows the difference between the two types of radio broadcasting, because it is our business to do so. We under-stand that the electrical principles are alike in both instances. In a direct broadcast—that is with live talent in front of the microphone—the sound waves are converted into electrical impulses and […]

Export Radio Advertising

RADIO advertising in export markets is rapidly be-coming an important part of the commercial broadcasting field. As a former agency man, interested in both radio and foreign markets, the writer has gone into this field as thoroughly as it is possible to do in a year’s study —first-hand in some sections such as South America, […]

The Radio Program As An Advertisement

MOST of the mistakes in radio are made because we fail to grasp the fundamental likenesses between radio and other forms of advertising. The radio business is entirely too full of people who think that clever twists in radio programs are more important than basic advertising principles. Commercial radio is just twelve years old. Network […]

Radio Broadcasting As An Advertising Medium

IT has been my duty and privilege from time to time to discuss the development of radio as a vehicle of advertising. When several hundred national advertisers are spending upwards of $40,000,000 broadcasting programs over the national networks, it is no longer necessary to devote time to debating the value of this established medium for […]