The Radio Program As An Advertisement

MOST of the mistakes in radio are made because we fail to grasp the fundamental likenesses between radio and other forms of advertising. The radio business is entirely too full of people who think that clever twists in radio programs are more important than basic advertising principles. Commercial radio is just twelve years old. Network […]

Radio Broadcasting As An Advertising Medium

IT has been my duty and privilege from time to time to discuss the development of radio as a vehicle of advertising. When several hundred national advertisers are spending upwards of $40,000,000 broadcasting programs over the national networks, it is no longer necessary to devote time to debating the value of this established medium for […]

What The Radio Audience Wants

WHAT does the listener want in the way of programs? The answers to that question are almost as many and varied as the types of listeners. During the past three years broadcasters have been making a serious effort to determine just what type of entertainment the public is most anxious to hear. The result—an amazing […]

Who Should Use Radio Advertising?

EVERY advertiser must answer for himself the question, “Should I use broadcasting?” There is no ready-made formula to guide him in his decision. Radio is still growing. Its technic is still being learned. Its possibilities are still being explored. It has shown wonderful possibilities for successful use in unusual ways, and when the expenditure seemed […]

Spot Versus Chain Broadcasting

WHETHER to broadcast over a network, or through individual stations, theoretically is a question fraught with perplexities. However, for any specific broadcast program, the problem usually settles itself once the various factors involved are understood. Both types of broadcasting are valuable to the advertiser, yet, in general, their services are non-competitive, and it is rare […]

Merchandising In Its Relation To Radio

It has fought its way into recognition as a full-fledged medium of advertising. It isn’t a novelty any more, and it isn’t just an experiment—at least, not to the majority of advertisers who are using it. As a medium of advertising, radio usually has a definite job to do. Unless it can do that job, […]

Radio Programs For Women

TOOTHPASTES and cigars may disport themselves among the night air waves at the very top of their voices. Cigarettes may outdo themselves every night to win the favor of fathers and mothers and youths and maidens alike. But many products turn a cold shoulder to the lure of big nighttime audiences and put their radio […]

Costs Of Radio Advertising

ON every side one hears of the vagaries, the mysteries of radio. Advertisers backed by years of achievement find themselves shying from radio as a demon fraught with treachery and deceit. Yet there is no reason for such skepticism towards radio as an advertising medium other than the fact that radio does present a myriad […]

Advertising Copy For The Ear

THE client, in the person of his advertising manager, was talking to the radio man from his advertising agency. Two pieces of typewritten copy lay on the advertising manager’s desk. He pushed one of them towards the radio man. “There’s our middle announcement for to-morrow night’s program,” he said. “It’s longer than the ones we’ve […]

How To Present Your Commercial Radio Announcements

IT is with considerable misgiving that the writer of this chapter undertakes to discuss the purpose, structure, and wording of the “commercial” announcements that are the beginning and the end—and in many advertisers’ eyes the entire meat—of the radio program. For the commercial announcement is abused by everybody—by the advertiser who sponsors it, by the […]