The Salesman And The Ad

When you hire a salesman you flatter yourself you have a pretty good idea as to his capabilities. You have thoroughly satisfied yourself in your own mind as to whether or not he was a competent and reliable man for the position you had to fill. You have looked into his references, you have talked […]

Be Optimistic In Advertising

The commercial value of a cheerful, happy disposition is everywhere acknowledged. The traveling salesman with his bright, cheery face and his bundle of jokes and stories is everywhere welcomed to his employer’s benefit, and the salesman behind the counter sells many a good dollar’s worth by the virtue of an amiable and cordial disposition. A […]

Advertising Illustrations And Their Uses

An examination of the advertising columns of any publication will speedily determine the fact that the use and influence of illustrations is growing right along. It is not so many years ago that some advertisers used to snort at illustrations. Take Wanamaker’s advertising for instance. Before Mr. Gillam took hold of John Wanamaker’s advertising lever, […]

Profitable Advertising Interview

I enjoyed the pleasure and profit of a professional interview with J. Angus MacDonald for the first time yesterday. While on Boston papers I had met him informally many times, but never under circumstances when I could draw him out on the subject of our profession and study—those ideas and methods which have long individualized […]

Advertising Specialties

When a man invents something useful or ornamental or both which he wishes to place in hundreds of thousands of homes he gives first consideration, of course, to its advertising. When a wholesaler desires to push certain lines of goods before the public eye he spends considerable of his and his friends’ time in considering […]

Advertising – Spend Money To Make Money

“Mr. Allen told of a conversation that he had with Mr. Duke, in which Mr. Duke complained of the large amount that his firm, Duke, Sons & Co., had to expend for advertising. `Mr. Duke told me,’ said the witness, `that in 1888 he spent $508,000 for advertising.’ Mr. Allen went on to say that […]

Street Car Advertising

Street-car advertising is good advertising. It reaches the people-it makes an impression, whether the impresses is in the receptive state or not. Instinctively the eye follows the rack of advertising signs, and the brilliant, bold, clever and even aesthetic card will have an opportunity of getting in its work. The first three adjectives qualifying “card” […]

The Advertising Specialist

In reading over the advertising columns of the various advertising and trade journals, the eye runs across the many ads of many ad writers, and it does not take a great deal of thinking to arrive at the conclusion that the ad writer is now a recognized institution in the business world of today. He […]

Advertising – January Sales

New York clothiers are quite lively after the holidays in the matter of advertising, and, as a consequence, in the matter of trade. Pick up the Journal, World, Sun, or any of the metropolitan dailies, and you’ll be sure to find several big clothing ads, each one clamoring for recognition, as representing the best values. […]

The How Of Writing Advertising

Most New Yorkers read the Evening journal and most readers of the Evening journal turn over to the last page, where in the editorial column matters of everyday practical interest are discussed by Mr. Arthur Brisbane in an eminently sensible manner. A case in point is the following clipped from a recent issue. “ADVICE TO […]