The Salesman And The Ad

When you hire a salesman you flatter yourself you have a pretty good idea as to his capabilities. You have thoroughly satisfied yourself in your own mind as to whether or not he was a competent and reliable man for the position you had to fill. You have looked into his references, you have talked […]

Be Optimistic In Advertising

The commercial value of a cheerful, happy disposition is everywhere acknowledged. The traveling salesman with his bright, cheery face and his bundle of jokes and stories is everywhere welcomed to his employer’s benefit, and the salesman behind the counter sells many a good dollar’s worth by the virtue of an amiable and cordial disposition. A […]

Miscellaneous Advertising

This is the most perplexing question in the whole calendar of perplexing problems that the advertiser must confront–the selection of the best advertising mediums. By the application of that rule which should govern all advertising, viz., the application of hard, common sense, can this problem be solved. Even when it is apparently satisfactorily solved, sometimes […]

Foreign Advertising – A Little About It

There’s one thing certain!, Foreign advertising must take its hat off to American advertising. Foreign advertising generally is very poor. English advertising is the best in foreign advertising, but English advertising is not a circumstance to our own American advertising. English advertisers seem to lack typographical taste, as well as clear expression and logic in […]

Advertising To Women

Women do all their own shopping. Women buy all the children’s needs. Women buy practically everything needed for the home. Women have and exercise an influential supervision over every branch of buying for the person and home. Woman is the dominating factor for the average advertiser to consider, for without her he would not be […]

Real Estate Advertising

To speak of the accessibility and advantages, as well as the price of a piece of property, is the proper thing for the real estate advertisement to do. Thousands upon thousands of families pay rent year after year without a thought as to the foolishness of that method, compared with buying real estate on the […]

Advertising – Begin The New Year

RULE N0.1.—To say nothing in advertising talk except when you have something to say. RULE No. 2.-When you say something in advertising talk to say it as quickly and clearly as possible. RULE N0. 3.-To say the newest of your best mercantile information in your advertising talk. RULE N0. 4.—To remember that advertising is only […]

Dry Goods’ Economist Interview

Some helpful advertising hints, pertinently put, were furnished an Economist representative the other day in the course of an instructive chat with J. Angus MacDonald, the man who frames and fashions Bloomingdale Bros.’ ads. Though young in years, Mr. MacDonald is a veteran in this field, and his observations disclose some of the methods which […]

Advertising To Men

When the clothier and furnisher dips his pen into the ink bottle to tell the world what varied attractions in price and quality are found within his establishment, he should always bear in mind that he is speaking to men. And in speaking to men there are a few rules that he should bear in […]

The Humors Of Advertising

When I was a boy I used to work in a country newspaper office. My chief duty was to ” write up the mail,” and incidentally I found time to set up a few sticks of type in the run of a week. As the forms were being made up one particular week our principal […]