The Salesman And The Ad

When you hire a salesman you flatter yourself you have a pretty good idea as to his capabilities. You have thoroughly satisfied yourself in your own mind as to whether or not he was a competent and reliable man for the position you had to fill. You have looked into his references, you have talked […]

Be Optimistic In Advertising

The commercial value of a cheerful, happy disposition is everywhere acknowledged. The traveling salesman with his bright, cheery face and his bundle of jokes and stories is everywhere welcomed to his employer’s benefit, and the salesman behind the counter sells many a good dollar’s worth by the virtue of an amiable and cordial disposition. A […]

The How Of Writing Advertising

Most New Yorkers read the Evening journal and most readers of the Evening journal turn over to the last page, where in the editorial column matters of everyday practical interest are discussed by Mr. Arthur Brisbane in an eminently sensible manner. A case in point is the following clipped from a recent issue. “ADVICE TO […]

Forms of Advertising, Including Outdoor

A large world can be covered–the great outdoor world by three sheet, six sheet, nine sheet, and other size posters, as well as “snipe” sheets, lithograph and ordinary printed sheets, tin signs, wooden signs, and signs of every size and sort. To the general advertiser outdoor advertising is particularly worthy of consideration. It will prove […]

The Advertising Solicitor

This is a gentleman for whom I entertain so profound a consideration that never yet have I attempted an article upon the subject. He is a subject so deep, broad, and many-sided that no pen could begin to do justice to him. “There are some natures,” says Dumas in speaking of D’Artagnan, “that resemble thunder […]

Advertising And The Unreached Masses

One evening recently while walking down Washington Street, Boston, with the advertising manager of one of the Hub’s leading enterprises, the question occurred to us ” How many of the thousands about us are unreached by advertising?” We discussed it. To the right and left stretched side streets showing hotels, apartment houses, tenement houses, private […]

Advertising – January Markdown Sale

A thousand or more department stores throughout America make preparations for ” The Great January Mark-Down Sale.” In many respects this big annual sale is the most important merchandise movement of the year, as it means, when success-fully carried out, the riddance of several months’ accumulations of stocks and the clearing of the decks for […]

Advertising Action

This caption is all right at. the first glance—yet not all right at the second look Advertising action is intended to mean action in advertising, not advertising action vs. advertising some form of activity such as bicycles, automobiles, surreys, etc. But if the caption is not altogether all right, the preceding paragraph is, as it […]

Individuality In Advertising

You read some advertising that somehow fails to interest. It lacks life, animation, individuality. It has about as much action as a wooden Indian—it fails to arrest your attention rightly because it has a dull, negative, leaden influence. There are two sorts of advertising-the negative and the positive. The first is lifeless, flat and repels […]

Advertising Does Not Increase Cost Of Goods

In answer to the question from The Dry Goods Chronicle, as to whether or not advertising increases the cost of goods to the consumer, I said: If by this question you mean the simple proposition whether the expense of advertising an article increases its cost to the consumer, I answer in the affirmative. If you […]